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China's gear industry transformation needs to strengthen basic collaborative innovation

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“The magic weapon of German industry is also derived from the solid basic research of research universities and its close integration with enterprises in product application research; it originates from the new product development process of the research institutes, and its strong engineering The unique productization and industrialization incubation function played by the technological capability; the pragmatic cooperation of the industry chain related parties with complementary advantages and efficient coordination.” Recently, the China-Europe Association Gear Transmission Industry Branch Executive Chairman and Tianjin Tianhai Synchronized Lv Chao, Chairman of the Group Co., Ltd., said in the “2017 China Gear Industry Market Demand Technical Support and Product Integration Seminar” held in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, the delegates revolved around the theme of “strengthening the foundation and collaborative innovation”. How does the traditional gear industry develop? The topic of how the basic industry on which the automotive transmission depends is being discussed.
Weak industrial infrastructure, seriously restricting the innovation and development of manufacturing
Lu Chao believes that the reason why German industry is strong is that it always adheres to the principle of manufacturing as the foundation of the country, always adheres to the industrial structure with manufacturing as the mainstay, and always insists on financial priority to serve the manufacturing industry and its innovation activities. Through exchanges with Germany, we are more aware that additive manufacturing technology solves large and complex parts.
This is the feeling that Lu Chao has visited German companies and conducted in-depth exchanges in the past two years. He said: ""Made in China 2025" strengthens the industrial basic capabilities, that is, strengthens core basic components (components), advanced basic processes, The "four basics" capability of key basic materials and industrial technology foundations, as a strategic task for China to achieve a strong manufacturing country; and weak industrial infrastructure, seriously restricting the innovation and development of China's manufacturing industry and the quality of products."
High-tech and strategic industry development requires long-term accumulation
Liu Peiwen, deputy secretary-general of the China Association for Economic and Technological Cooperation in China, said at the meeting: "Domestic enterprises should adopt more strategies to open up the second growth curve and promote the development of high-tech and strategic industries. The development of high-tech industries and strategic industries It often takes a long time to accumulate experience. The entire industry and related companies must maintain their ability to focus on development and patient development. They need patience, inheritance, and persistence."
Liu Peiwen said that the development of high-tech and strategic emerging industries presents the following characteristics: First, the technological innovation highlights are numerous, quality improvement and efficiency increase steadily, but the overall innovation capability still needs to be further improved; second, the industry and the field are increasingly differentiated. And differentiation will exist for a long time; third, there are new measures for the development of financial support industries, but the problems of financing difficulties and financing are still the same; Fourth, the corresponding international mergers and acquisitions have enhanced the image of domestic enterprises, and foreign investment has enhanced the development capabilities of domestic enterprises.
More and more research institutes and enterprises attach importance to basic research and development
Under the leadership of Academician Wang Huaming, the National Engineering Laboratory of Large Metal Component Additive Manufacturing of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics won the “National Technology Invention Award” in the application of additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology and high-performance large-scale metal component additive manufacturing technology. Awards and other awards. Dr. Tang Haibo, who spoke on behalf of Dr. Wang, introduced that from the perspective of the gear and bearing industry, through the 3D printing technology of additive manufacturing, the gear material properties can have high bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength, and the tooth surface has sufficient Hardness and wear resistance, the core of the part has good strength and toughness. In terms of gear manufacturing technology, 3D printing of additive materials can achieve high precision, high quality, high efficiency and environmental protection. At the same time, the metallurgical defects and performance of large gear casting/forging materials can be constrained accordingly, making the tooth surface more bearing. Ability and reliability. From the development trend, additive manufacturing solves the large-scale, high-quality and high-performance problems in traditional metallurgy, which can make multi-material/gradient high performance, manufacturing and remanufacturing alternate, structure and function integration. a



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